About Wind River Refuge

Who We Are

Our Vision at Wind River Refuge (WRR) is to love and protect women and children affected by domestic violence, sexual assault & human trafficking, and to break cycles of normalized violence in communities.

Our Mission is to provide safe residential refuge, Christ-centered ministry and restorative care on the Wind River Reservation for these women & children.

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Who We Serve

Our Residential Home serves adult women, age 18+, and their children, who have been victims of domestic abuse, human trafficking, or sexual assault, and are fleeing the danger of those situations. We do not accept minor, male children over the age of 11.

Our Staff

All of our Wind River Refuge staff are trained, certified, Domestic Violence Advocates, in the state of Wyoming. Many of our staff have grown up in this community and have lived through abuse themselves. They are full of faith and empathy as they serve the women and families of Wind River Refuge.

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Wind River Refuge Offers Transitional Care & Recovery

At Wind River Refuge, we attend to the needs of spirit, soul and body. Our home is defined by values, not arbitrary rules. It is a place of peace and rest where women and children have time to heal, grow and hope again. When we feel like we've come to the end of ourselves, we have a unique opportunity to find the beginning of God.

Children's Programming for the Little Ones

Children are not secondary to us. They are protected and treasured in our home. We want to help mothers help their children as they also heal from trauma and abuse they may have witnessed or experienced through domestic violence. We love the joy and energy that children bring to our home!

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A safe home & loving community

At Wind River Refuge we welcome women and children as family into a safe home and loving community. Many of the women and children who come to us have lived in constant fear of abuse and degradation where they have been isolated from the support of friends and family. At WRR, we want them to know what home, kindness and hospitality feels like.

Christ-centered to give real hope

No one loves us like Jesus. Wind River Refuge exists to break generational cycles of abuse by equipping and empowering women through the love of Jesus Christ so they can experience the lasting freedom and hope that only He gives.

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Never walking alone

When our residents leave the home to start their new lives they are still a part of our family and will have our love and support as much as they need it. We help them to create new beginnings that remain free from abuse and provide them with encouragement and support as they navigate independent living.

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Annual operational costs for the home at full capacity will approach $200,000. All of our women and children will be able to stay free-of-cost.

buy resident-made

Support our residents by purchasing merchandise made by them.

Donate Equipment

We are in need of a 15-passenger van to transport residents to appointments and jobs.

Serve with us

You have God-given strengths that our residents need!

Our Services

  • 60 Days - 9 Months Safe Shelter
  • Christ-Centered Ministry & Intentional Discipleship
  • Soft & Hard Life Skills Training
  • Safety Planning
  • Case Management
  • Job Training & Education Services
  • Addiction Rehabilitation
  • Legal Advocacy & Victim Compensation Services
  • Medical Care
  • Individual & Family Counseling
  • Assistance with transitional & permanent housing

Our Simple Process


Contact Us • Week 1

Intake Application • Week 1

Admission Decision • Week 2

Move In (if approved) • Week 2

2-Week Acclimation/Evaluation • Weeks 3-4

Sign Commitment Form for Extended Stay

Discipleship & Restoration Program • 3-9 Months

Move to Permanent Housing & Independent Living


Provide safe refuge for women & families who have been victims of domestic violence,  trafficking or sexual assault.

Build trusting relationships & supportive community for those who come into our care through a 60 day - 9 month program model.

Introduce women & families to Jesus & His healing, restorative Gospel message.

Provide real hope through consistent discipleship as well as soft & hard life skills training aimed at abundant living.

Transition women & families into productive, healthy & safe independent living situations.

Why We Do what We Do

1 in 3 women will be a victim of domestic abuse in her lifetime.




Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the United States—

more than rapes, muggings and traffic accidents combined.

An estimated 90% of all women and girls on the Wind River Reservation have been sexually assaulted.

70% of abusers also abuse the children in the household.

In Wyoming, there are more severe legal penalties for abusing a dog than abusing your female partner.

You can serve up to a year in jail for animal abuse and only six months for domestic violence.

50% of all homeless women and children living in America are fleeing domestic abuse.

In 2021, the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department received 1700 calls for domestic violence

and 300 of those calls involved women seeking safe shelter.

Four in five Native American women experience domestic violence, a rate ten times the national average.

Homicide on the Wind River Indian Reservation is ten times the national average and according to the Association on American Indian Affairs, murder is the third leading cause of death for native women ages 10-24.


The cost of domestic violence is $8.3 billion dollars annually and 8.0 million work days are lost each year as a result of domestic violence nationally.

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